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Laurie Briggs, Senior Regulatory Consultant

(513) 861-1976
B.A.,Pre-law, Cedarville College, 1986 With Honors
J.D., University of Notre Dame Law School, 1989 Magna Cum Laude

With more than 20 years of experience, Laurie combines an in-depth understanding of insurance regulation with practical business acumen. Her experience includes helping insurers structure and obtain regulatory approvals for mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, form and rate filings, new company formations, and multi-state expansion applications. Laurie also routinely advises insurers and agencies on a wide variety of regulatory compliance matters, including corporate governance practices, inter-company transactions, and  agent licensing and compensation.

Laurie also has experience providing a wide variety of consulting services to state insurance regulators. For example, she recently participated in the complex restructuring of two insurers in run-off, providing active oversight with respect to matters that included claims settlement practices, management compensation issues, and litigation strategy. Laurie also has participated in market conduct examinations and prepared examination reports relating to premium overcharge issues, provider agreements, and rating bureau practices. She also has analyzed and made recommendations to insurance regulators with respect to change of control and inter-company transactions.

Laurie routinely provides litigation consulting services to attorneys in connection with insurance-related litigation, including litigation involving failed business transactions, allegations of bad faith and premium overcharges, agent conduct and compensation issues, coordination of benefits disputes, and the rights of mutual company policyholders. Laurie’s services include providing in-depth document review, preparing detailed regulatory analysis, and assisting with litigation strategy.

Prior to joining the firm, Laurie was a partner in two large regional law firms and specialized in insurance, corporate and banking law.

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• "Privacy Implications of the Fair Credit Reporting Act"

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  laurie briggs